Vision Glossary

Glossary of Eye Terms


An absence of specific receptors in your retinas. Your vision won’t be sharp, and you could be almost or totally visually challenged. It’s an acquired condition.

Alpha-2 agonists:

Medications used to treat glaucoma. They assist fluid humor with depleting out of your eye and prevent your eye from making a big deal about it. The outcome: Lower tension inside your eye.


A condition otherwise called “lethargic eye” that beginnings in youth. Since either eye isn’t utilized constantly to give a sharp picture, vision doesn’t foster the manner in which it ought to in that eye. In the event that it isn’t dealt with, one eye will continuously be more fragile.

Watery humor:

The reasonable, watery liquid between your focal point and cornea.


When your cornea is molded more like a football than a b-ball. It causes foggy vision far away and very close. You can fix it with glasses, contact focal points, or medical procedure.


Medicated eye drops that treat glaucoma. They make your eye make less fluid humor, and that brings down tension inside it.

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors:

Medications that treat glaucoma. They make your eye make less fluid humor, which brings down pressure.


The layer of veins between your retina and sclera.