FAQ’s Glaucoma

FAQ’s Glaucoma

In the event that you have Primary open-point Glaucoma, your most memorable side effect may be your vision misfortune – which is an indication of harmed optic nerve. In the event that you have Acute-point conclusion Glaucoma, you might have hazy vision. You could likewise see rings or coronas around lights. You might encounter agony or strain in your eye and they may likewise get red.

Q1: What is glaucoma?

A: Glaucoma is an ever-evolving visual infection that causes long-lasting vision misfortune, because of harm to the optic nerve that conveys visual signs between the eye and mind.

Q2: How common is glaucoma?

Glaucoma influences in excess of 70 million individuals, around the world.
Glaucoma is a main source of irreversible visual deficiency, and records for 12.3% of worldwide visual impairment.
Glaucoma influences up to 5% of grown-ups ages 70 or more, and increments to more than 9% for those 80 and more seasoned.

Q3: Why is glaucoma called ‘The Silent Thief of Sight’?

A: Glaucoma has been nicknamed the quiet criminal of sight since it frequently causes long-lasting vision misfortune before the sickness is even distinguished. In its beginning phases, glaucoma ordinarily gives no side effects that would send you to your eye specialist with protests of vision changes. In this way, when you see your eye specialist, a lot of vision misfortune has previously happened.

Q4: How does glaucoma cause vision loss?

A: Glaucoma is brought about by elevated degrees of strain inside the eye. This intraocular pressure (IOP) pushes on the optic nerve, causing harm, and in the long run prompting extremely durable vision misfortune.