Sustainability Programs

Dear Readers,
The concept of “Sustainability” is increasingly getting a lot of attention and it has become somewhat of a buzzword in the last few years; and rightly so! Sustainability is very important, and highly relevant especially in the healthcare setting.

Sustainability is looked upon as a desired state of an eye care programme. With changing paradigms, it is important to look at sustainability as one of the key strategies while designing a programme or and while managing an eye hospital to deliver the services. Current approaches to sustainability mainly address financial viability though in reality, it is important to look at it more comprehensively for sustained growth and development. This is possible if every organization addresses sustainability in the following domains:

  • Leadership: fostering leadership at all levels
  • Core services and management: Growing the services, people, dynamic processes and systems
  • Financial viability: both for the organisation and the clients (patients)
  • Community: Being relevant to the community and forging partnerships