Blue Light Lenses

What Are Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses?

You’re probably doing it right now — looking at a computer, phone, or tablet that emits blue light.

Staring at any of these for an extended period of time can lead to computer vision syndrome (CVS), a unique type of eyestrain that causes symptoms like dry eyes, redness, headaches, and blurry vision.

One solution that eyeglass manufacturers have proposed is blue-light-blocking glasses. These are purported to block the potentially harmful blue light that electronics emit. But whether these glasses actually reduce eyestrain is controversial.

Keep reading to find out more about whether these glasses are right for you.

What exactly is blue light?

Blue light is a wavelength that’s naturally present in light, including light from the sun. Compared to other light types, blue light has a short wavelength. This is important because doctors associate short-wavelength light with greater risk  for eye damage.

While many electronics (including lightbulbs) emit blue light, computer screens and televisions typically release more blue light than other electronics. This is because computers and televisions commonly use liquid crystal displays or LCDs. These screens may look super-clear and vibrant, but they also release more blue light than their non-LCD counterparts.

Too much blue light exposure is thought to: