Eyeglass Guide 2.0

Your next phases of glasses start with this guide

The Eyeglass Builder makes it easy to find the eyewear that’s right for you. Through a series of lifestyle questions and an interactive eyeglass builder experience, you’ll have everything you need to take to your next eyecare appointment! Additionally, you can explore vision-related information on this site.

What Glasses Are Right For You?

See For Yourself.

There are so many eyeglass choices available to you. The Eyeglass Builder can help narrow them down.

How It Works.

Our interactive tool, the Eyeglass Builder, will ask a series of short questions about you, your lifestyle and your specific eyewear needs. At the end, you’ll receive some suggestions based on your answers that you can use as a conversation starter with your Eyecare Professional.

Think Lenses First.

Your frame choice will show the world your personal style, but your lens choice will show you the world.

For that, you need this guide.