Current Standard Charges

Nirvana Eye Hospita is committed to being transparent with our standard charges. The information provided in the links below contains a comprehensive listing of our charges for services provided by the hospital, also known as our charge master. These prices are subject to change and are updated at least on an annual basis.

While we fully support efforts to improve pricing transparency, the list of standard charges was only a starting point in determining the costs associated with your health care. By itself, the list is not the most helpful tool for you to comparison-shop between hospitals or to estimate your financial obligation for the healthcare services you receive.

Your out-of-pocket cost for care is determined by:

  1. The agreed-upon rate that your insurance company pays the hospital for the services provided — which are generally less than the standard charges; and
  2. The copay, co-insurance or deductible required by your benefit plan.

Individuals without insurance receive a reduced price from the hospital and may also be eligible for financial assistance or charity care.

Therefore, beginning on January 1, 2021, hospitals are also required to make public their standard charges online in two updated ways:

  1. A comprehensive machine-readable file that includes all standard charges for all hospital items and services; and
  2. A consumer-friendly display of standard charges for ‘shoppable’ services that are grouped with charges for ancillary services that are customarily provided by the hospital. These standard charges must include: